Talent Mapping

Talent Mapping & Market Analysis

Carmichael Fisher can help to ensure that your future recruitment needs are met in full, by identifying the talents and skills that your organisation will need in order to achieve its long-term objectives. Our talent mapping services start with a thorough assessment of your existing workforce, move on to look at your long-term corporate goals, and finish with an in-depth analysis of the most talented candidates in the wider marketplace.

Leading companies work with us to discover the talent currently available, both within and outside their corporate boundaries, to learn how specific functions are structured within competitor companies and how organisations in other relevant sectors handle the same functions. In this way, they are able to take a more objective view of their own corporate structure and to address any talent deficiencies that are identified during the internal discovery process.

Our in-house research teams provide detailed analyses of specific markets to recruitment decision-makers so that when a role and person profile is defined, the process of attracting and appointing appropriate candidates can be completed quickly and effectively. When you know who to target, your recruitment methods are naturally more efficient. The process of market mapping, carried out by our experienced teams, will give your company a much broader view of the talent pool than would otherwise be possible.


  •  Competitor Intelligence – If you wish to expand into a new market sector or to offer your products and services in a new geographical marketplace, we can conduct a detailed market analysis covering the organisational structure, key people and USPs of potential competitors and other relevant businesses.
  • Salary Benchmarking – We will show you how to structure your corporate remuneration packages in order to make them more appealing, and suggest other methods that you can employ to attract and retain the most talented people.
  • Talent Pipelining – Our team identify those individuals with the highest potential who are currently working for competing organisations, along with highly experienced employees working in closely related sectors who possess relevant skills. We also conduct comprehensive analyses of specific organisations that your company may wish to target during the talent pipelining process. 

  • Full Market Map – We will identify the distribution of talent in any pre-defined area. This is a tailored collation of all data requested by you.

Executive Assessment

Executive Assessment

We'll give you the data to help you to decide whether promoting an internal candidate or recruiting externally is the best option and what risks are associated with each.  We can also help you to identify skill gaps and cultural mismatches in newly acquired businesses, and to decide whether executive coaching or recruitment is likely to be the most effective way to deal with them. 

Carmichael Fisher provides structured executive assessment services that enable business leaders to make critical hiring decisions, by furnishing them with all the relevant facts and data. With our help, you can better plan for both effective internal talent development and external recruitment.