Challenger & Subsidiary Banking

We recognise that driving evolution within the regulatory landscape is complex, and often investors are closely involved. However, challenger and subsidiary banks can take their opportunities, and we are proud to help our clients and their shareholders on that journey.



We strongly believe in partnership, but we give more. As far as we are concerned, we are part of your team so we are always thinking of ways we can help you.

Our sweet spot is Executive Officers, Business Heads, Functional Specialists, and Independent Non-Executive Directors.

Why us?

  • We take responsibility - a clear message to the market is important. With us, the people you meet/engage are the ones that deliver the work, so nothing gets lost in internal communication chains.
  • Your evangelist - we are fully aware we don’t just search for you, we represent you as well as your business.
  • Get your potential - we help you hire people right for your business today who are also right for your business of tomorrow.
  • We integrate - our experience of working closely with boards and PE means we know how to build consensus.
  • Already made tracks - we hire domestically from the sector and creatively from others. Our international networks enable us to also capture those outside the UK that will have the ability to work under UK regulatory guidelines.

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Recent mandates include:

  • UK Chief Executive Officer - International Subsidiary of African Bank
  • Chief Executive Officer, Credit Cards - Business Unit of International Banking Group
  • Chief Risk Officer, Eastern Europe - Belgian Banking Group
  • Group Director, Domestic Banking - International Banking Group
  • Chief Financial Officer - UK Subsidiary of European Bank
  • New Property Development Finance Team (3 FTE) - Challenger Bank of broader Group
  • Managing Director SME Banking - UK Subsidiary of European Banking Group
  • Digital Director - UK Challenger Bank
  • Strategy and Innovation Director - Challenger Bank of broader Group
  • Operations Director - Challenger Bank (PE backed)
  • Non-Executive Director (Risk and Audit) - Challenger Bank
  • Board Advisor (x2) - UK Branch of International Banking Group